Problem-Solving Fundamentals

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  • Approximate time: 2 hours
  • Online

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Introduction to the Bio-economy

An introduction to the bio-economy in Canada, its various sectors and sub-sectors, sets the stage for the specific essential skills courses.

Problem Solving Fundamentals

In this course, we will first explore what problem-solving skills are essential to the bio-economy workplace and why they are important. Then, you will have an opportunity to assess your current practices and identify both your problem-solving strengths and opportunities for improvement. The remainder of this course focuses on how you can strengthen your proficiency in these areas by reviewing a variety of problem-solving skills and best practices and taking some time to apply the information you are learning today.

  • Identify problems
  • Analyze their causes
  • Propose solutions
  • Address problems
  • Learn from the experiences you have, both positive and negative

Key Elements


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