Supervisor – Clinical Laboratories

Job type: Full-Time
Accepting BioReady™: Yes
Category: Research and Development
Salary: not disclosed
Location: Montreal, QC
Posted: March 4, 2019
Ends: April 4, 2019


  • Managing technical staff, responsible for talent acquisition, performance evaluations, development of personnel, compilations and follow-up of key performance indicators, motivation of group, and preparation of group meetings.
  • Monitor all activities accomplished within the department.
  • Supervision of schedules.
  • Prioritize and find solutions to operational problems.
  • Modify procedures depending on the event in order to improve operational efficacies.
  • Ensure compliance to SOPs, GLPs and administrative procedures.
  • Control the department budget.
  • Supervise training, quality and respect deadlines of work executed.

We are seeking a candidate who:

  • Possesses a DEC or B.A. of Science.
  • Has experience in a Laboratory environment.
  • Has filled a Supervisor, Coordinator, Team Leader position or has more than 5 years experience as a Technical Specialist, or equivalent.
  • Is bilingual.
  • Possesses leadership and good communication skills.

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