Lab Assistant

Job type: Full-Time
Accepting BioReady™: Yes
Category: Manufacturing
Education: Master
Experience: 0-3 Years
Employer: CBSAlife LTD.
Salary: 18-20$/hour
Location: Winnipeg, MB
Posted: March 27, 2024
Closes: July 15, 2024


  • Enrolled as a full-time or part-time student at a post-secondary
    education institution.
  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or persons to whom refugee
    protection has been conferred.
  • From one (or more) of the following under-represented groups:

(1) First year students

(2) Woman in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

(3) Visible minorities, Indigenous students, Persons with disabilities

(4) Newcomers

Production of Microbiological Culture Media

Be familiar with raw materials, and mixing powder media. Be familiar with sterilization techniques. Knowledge of hazardous materials, SDS, and other laboratory safety protocols.

Critical Thinking

Analyses facts through rational, skeptical, unbiased investigation, or evaluation of factual evidence to constructively form judgments and problem solve.

Detail Oriented

Applies mental focus to their duties to ensure that work is accurate and error free and consistently pays attention to detail to ensure consistency of work and results to improve decision-making and achieve results or accomplish tasks/objectives.

Effective Communication

Consistently interacts with stakeholders, utilizing effective communication methodology (clarity, consistency, creativity, content and connections) to actively transmit and receive relevant information that is consistent with the organizational objectives.

Equipment Management

Adheres to policies, principles and SOPs regarding the operation, maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment to ensure its optimal performance to produce reliable data consistently and safely.

Ethical Behavior

Conducts their work with integrity and mutual respect in personal and/organizational practices to ensure personal accountability, maintain confidentiality and ensure accuracy of test results.

Quality Control

Ensures consistent quality of tests, data, results, products and reports by following policies and procedures relating to equipment use, testing procedures and quality management, ensuring reproducibility of results.

Reporting of Results

Ensures that results are reported accurately and to the correct stakeholders and systems to allow confidentiality and effective analysis of the information contained in the report.

Risk Reduction

Reduces potential negative impacts of risks within the laboratory by identifying risks and communicating them to management so that risk mitigation plans can be developed and implemented across the laboratory.

Safety and Security Management

Ensures all established SOPs addressing physical and operational safety are followed to protect staff and physical assets from injury, damage and loss during operations.

Supply and Sample Management

Follows policies and procedures related to storage and maintenance of reference standards (cultures, reagents, etc.), testing, analysis and disposal to ensure integrity of data and results.


Interacts with supervisors and coworkers by actively participating and contributing to the capability of the team to achieve shared goals in a safe and efficient manner.

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