Interactive browser / App developer Intern for biotechnology education games

Job type: Co-op
Accepting BioReady™: Yes
Category: Information Technology
Education: Diploma/DEC
Experience: 0-3 Years
Employer: Amino Labs North
Location: Lethbridge, AB
Posted: February 23, 2023
Closes: May 29, 2023

Amino Labs is a biotechnology startup operating in the education technology sector. Amino labs found product market fit in brick and mortar education in 2017 and has since expanded its product offering into a biotechnology STEM learning journey. With the help of Amino Labs, tens of thousands of students and hundreds to thousands of educators from more than 40 countries have learned about biotechnology through our hands-on activities. We estimate that greater than 100,000 students have gained insights about biotechnology through our free product offerings. Amino Labs also strives to have the highest student experiment success rates in the industry.


As a maturing startup, we are now transitioning early prototypes into robust and refined products. Amino Labs created Virtual BioengineerTM interactive simulator browser apps that enable our customers to learn and practice biotechnology activities prior to doing real experiments. The primary objective of this Student Internship is to transition these early Virtual BioengineerTM prototypes, into streamlined touch-enabled browser apps. Depending on the skill level of the successful applicant, this opportunity will border on game development. Further activity may include converting the browser app to Android and iOS native apps.


  • Highly fluent in HTML5/JS
  • A demonstrable track record of long-standing positive rapport with colleagues and acquaintances 
  • Demonstrate you can finish what you start and you thrive on taking objectives to completion
  • Browser app game development experience is an asset
  • High moral compass


If your goals align with Amino Labs’ mission, please submit your candidacy to Amino Labs via [email protected] by March 31st. This is a full-time position is for the Summer 2023 term.  The start/end date can be discussed to fit your needs.


Education, Experience, and Other Requirements:

Student applicants must be residents of Alberta currently enrolled in an Alberta post-secondary institution in an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degree program. International students are not eligible for this program.



About Amino Labs

At Amino Labs, our mission is to make biotechnology learning and innovation accessible to everyone. At the moment, biotechnology affects more than a billion people every year and is a core part of our society. Yet, only a small fraction of the population understands it and can use it to help solve the world’s biggest problems, from fuel to food to medicine.


Amino Labs creates easy-to-use kits, equipment, books, and resources so that students in secondary schools and at home can learn genetic engineering, create living bio-art, grow and extract bio-products, and more! To date, tens of thousands of students and teachers in more than 40 countries have used Amino Labs as part of their learning journeys, from Stanford University to remote villages.


Founded in 2017 by Designer Julie Legault and Scientist Dr. Justin Pahara, Amino Labs spun out of the graduate research conducted by Julie Legault during her studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab. Amino Labs is now located in Lethbridge County, Alberta, Canada.


About the founders:

Advisor Dr. Justin Pahara is a Cree scientist-entrepreneur from a Southern Alberta Canadian farm. He has more than a decade of bioengineering experience and extensive knowledge of synthetic biology tech, markets, and workflows. Justin attended the University of Cambridge (Ph.D., MoTI in JBS), Singularity University (GSP-10;Google Fellow), iGEM (2007, 2008), and the University of Alberta (B.Sc., M.Sc.). Justin is a Biosecurity Fellow with Johns Hopkins’ Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative.


As a Human-Centered Designer, Julie works to translate scientific and technological innovations for public acceptance. She has taught at Birmingham’s Institute of Art and Design (UK), the RCA (UK), M.I.T. (USA) and notably worked with Audi, Nokia, LG, Aston Martin, Rihanna, and museums to develop smart materials, fashion, and art. Julie holds an MS from the MIT Media Lab, an MA from the Royal College of Art (UK), and degrees in Design Tech and Arts from Concordia University (Canada) and is a proud fellow of the Coaching Fellowship program for extraordinary young women leaders of impact.  


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