CHEER Project Manager

Job type: Full-Time
Accepting BioReady™: Yes
Category: Clinical Research
Education: Master
Experience: 4-6 Years
Employer: Queen's University
Salary: $70,352.00 - $87,295.00
Location: Kingston, ON
Posted: June 22, 2022
Closes: July 22, 2022

Job Summary

Reporting to the Nominated Principal Investigator, the CHEER Project Manager will be responsible for the overall management of a five-year Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) funded research project, the Canadian Collaboration for Child Health: Efficiency and Excellence in the Ethics Review of Research (CHEER). The project is focused on streamlining research ethics review and providing research ethics education for child health research across Canada. The incumbent will manage the implementation of the project including the overall project plan and activities, budget management, financial accountability, reporting, events/meeting coordination, and communications. The CHEER project manager will lead and supervise teams and working groups, supervise administrative support team members, and manage the hiring process for all incoming employees and contractors for CHEER. The incumbent will also present results, including preparing reports to the funder (CIHR), drafting and reviewing publications, and developing and delivering presentations at meetings and conferences. The CHEER Project Manager will contribute to completion of project deliverables and will ensure effective communication across the broad CHEER team and committees.

Job Description

• Support the CHEER leadership in meeting the deliverables of the CHEER project, contributing to the development and implementation of a Canada-wide streamlined research ethics review program, a Research Ethics Board assessment program and educational resources.
• Lead and supervise teams and working groups contributing to the deliverables of the CHEER project. These teams and working groups include: the CHEER Research Ethics Board (REB) qualification team, MICYRN (Maternal Infant Child and Youth Research Network) national clinical trial navigators, and other groups as appropriate.
• Manage the CHEER REB Qualification Program; Supervise the CHEER REB qualification team members, which involves establishing and managing teams of 5 research ethics experts conducting on-site qualification visits; oversee the preparation and finalization of high-quality reports that are compliant with the established qualification manual and process.
• Establish performance standards, review and evaluate performance and contribute to conducting formal performance reviews on an ongoing basis.
• Assess staff training and development needs and ensures that employees receive training required to improve and sustain successful performance.
• Assist in developing educational content, policies, processes, training resources and tools to support project deliverables.
• Provide expert level guidance and advice to the PI regarding design and implementation of research strategy.
• Manage the hiring process for all incoming employees and contractors to the CHEER project, including selection and employment and contract negotiations.
• Manage the quality assurance program and ensure all CHEER deliverables fulfil grant objectives and are completed on time.
• Work closely with the lead organizations, Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) and the Maternal Infant Child and Youth Research Network (MICYRN), as well as the Queen’s University Office for the Professional Development and Educational Scholarship (OPDES) to support the development and implementation of project deliverables.
• Develop, maintain and monitor a detailed project management timeline and task set; work with the team and committees to set priorities and project objectives.
• Develop the project budget and be responsible for monitoring and reporting, as per funder/institution guidelines, and in coordination with the Departmental Administrator in Public Health Sciences; liaise with the lead groups.
• Oversees the data collection required for evaluation of key metrics and synthesizes data, complies data into reports, databases, manuscripts, and presentation tools.
• Lead and conduct information gathering exercises as needed, including literature reviews, web searches and outreach; prepare background documents and other materials needed to advance project deliverables; review materials to ensure consistency and quality.
• Propose, draft, and review publications relevant to CHEER project activities.
• Develop and manage the implementation of the project performance management plan and key performance indicators, including preparing regular performance reports and progress reports as needed for funders and other stakeholders.
• Organize CHEER Team and CHEER Committee teleconferences and meetings by developing agendas, minutes and meeting materials, and following up on commitments.
• Organize and engage in CHEER networking activities and events, including conferences and outreach activities; ensure there is on-going and effective communication within the broader CHEER research team and with the research sites; liaise with research partners.
• Coordinate the development of CHEER communication activities including website development and maintenance, newsletters and social media and email campaigns; assist with developing CHEER presentations and publications.
• Identify, recommend, and draft applications for funding opportunities that are within the scope of the CHEER project’s activities.
• Undertake other duties as delegated in support of the successful conduct of the CHEER Project.

• A Masters or PhD degree in a relevant field, or a health professional with equivalent research experience.
• Minimum of five (5) years relevant experience in high-level coordination of complex research projects. Preference will be given to applicants with experiences related to research ethics review, and/or preparing applications for research ethics review.
• Demonstrated experience and expertise/proficiency with communication processes and social media tools.
• Able to travel to participate in meetings, as required.
• Bilingualism considered an asset.
• Consideration may be given to an equivalent combination of education and experience.

• Promotes equity, diversity and inclusion within the workplace.
• Effective independent decision making and judgement abilities in addressing complex and sensitive issues regarding research plans.
• Ability to manage and prioritize multiple competing tasks.
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy.
• Excellent project management skills and ability to manage multiple priorities.
• Excellent time management and problem- solving skills with strong analytical capabilities.
• Ability to conduct research and gather and synthesize information from multiple sources.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills, including a proven capacity to present information clearly and communicate effectively with healthcare practitioners and researchers.
• Proven ability to create and implement projects with minimal supervision and guidance.
• Ability to work collaboratively with a range of research stakeholders.
• Strong computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint and data analysis.
• Proven ability to work effectively as a team member, including when team members are located in diverse geographic locations.

• Ability to work independently and be self-directed within guidelines provided by the CHEER leadership team.
• Independently manage day-to-day priorities in support of achieving overall project goals.
• Assess best alternatives or a range of solutions to a given problem; identify potential risks and benefits of each.
• Decide how new information will change the course of a project or event and recommend appropriate responses to ensure highest possibility for success.
• Determine best solution to administrative problems within guidelines and determine if policy or procedure should be modified. Decide on how to best implement changes if necessary.
• Effectively answer questions regarding CHEER project issues or redirect inquiries if necessary.
• Determine the best way to analyze and present data in order to meet the needs of the research project.
• Resolve problems as they arise and determine when to report on these actions to the CHEER leadership team
• Oversee, delegate, and review the work of members of teams or working groups that the incumbent leads
• Evaluates employee performance and recommends on appropriate training or coaching to address lack of proficiency in carrying out responsibilities, or remedial action for staff disciplinary situations.

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