Assistant Business Manager

Job type: Full-Time
Accepting BioReady™: Yes
Category: General Management, Operations and Administration
Education: Bachelor
Experience: 0-3 Years
Employer: Seed NanoTech International Inc.
Salary: 35000
Location: Brampton, ON
Posted: June 3, 2022
Closes: March 30, 2023

SeedNanotech is a startup specializing in next-generation sensor research and development. We’re growing and getting better at what we’re doing. We are a small group of physicists, electrical and mechanical engineers, as well as computer scientists and engineers. 1) Dream big is something we believe in. 2) In teamwork, 3) in collaboration

We can provide you with an interesting working environment in which you may grow and contribute to our success, as well as the possibility to leave a lasting legacy. We want you to be interested, to perceive challenges as opportunities, to be enthralled by the possibilities, to be resilient, and to find a way to achieve your objectives. Furthermore, we want you to be hungry to make a difference and achieve success for both yourself and your team.

Responsibilities on the Job

• Ability to manage and interact with cross-functional teams, including insights, brand, finance, logistics, supply, sales, technological development, external partners, and internal stakeholders, in order to bring innovations to the Canadian market.

Qualifications for the Position

• A minimum of a college diploma or university degree in Business or a similar profession is required. • One year of nanotechnology marketing experience is recommended but not required.

• Project management experience in a comparable field of at least one year is preferable but not required.

• Ability to manage many tasks and achieve results • Professional demeanour for presentations

We can also examine college/university student applications in the associated subject who are passionate about the nanotechnology sector and desire to advance as an experienced management assistant. Applications are encouraged from new immigrants with prior expertise in the field. The salary is commensurate with the experience. The position is part-time leading to full-time. 

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