Success Stories

BioTalent Canada sees first-hand how young innovators are shaping Canada’s bio-economy every day. Enhancing access to youth in Canada has been a great advantage for biotech companies.

The MAGNUS Catalyst Award for Top New Hire is BioTalent Canada’s initiative to recognize the young employees who have contributed most significantly to their Canadian biotechnology employer with the support of wage subsidies.

“The wage subsidy has permitted me to acquire hands-on experience in the workplace and show my worth to the company I work for.”

– Mathieu-Marc Poulin, Winner – 2016 ‘Catalyst’ Award

“BioTalent Canada’s wage subsidy program allowed Delivra to expedite a new research endeavor and meet its target milestones on time and within budget, which would not have been possible otherwise.”

– David C. Baranowski, Delivra

“Wage subsidies build bridges between new graduates with specialized knowledge and small tech firms looking to make a difference.”

– Hannah (Reihaneh) M. Sadeghi, Finalist – 2016 ‘Catalyst’ Award

“Wage subsidy has been an essential factor in ERA’s momentum, assisting us to find highly-skilled environmental researchers that are passionate and engaged in world-class research.”

– Gary Vegh, ERA Environmental Management Solutions

“I am grateful to be employed in a field that I am interested and passionate about.”

– Travis Cranmer, Finalist – 2016 ‘Catalyst’ Award

“As a not-for-profit organization, the wage-subsidy program has helped Vineland hire bright new talent and generate results that support our stakeholders and the horticulture industry.”

– Anissa Poleatewich, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

“These types of initiatives [wage subsidies] help us push beyond what we could do on our own.”

Derek Glennie – VP Engineering, Spartan Bioscience Inc.

The Career Focus wage subsidy program helps hundreds of bright young people get their foot in the door with a job in biotech. From scientists to sales people biotech companies can use Career Focus to fill any kind of position.

Grads kick-start their career

Building a career in life sciences is easier thanks to BioTalent Canada’s range of tools. Nerissa Samad‘s career as a business development professional got a kick start when she joined the team at a leading pharmaceutical contracting company thanks to our Career Focus wage subsidy program.

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Innovation Rewarded: Creating Opportunity in the Biotechnology Sector

Jason Leibert was an entrepreneurial business graduate looking for opportunities when he discovered life sciences and realized his business education and entrepreneurial spirit would enable him to make a contribution to the industry. Mr. Leibert helped write a business plan for an organ preservation solution while completing his university education, subsequently traveling to various schools across North America entering business plan competitions.

Drawn to the field of life sciences both because of its medical and its social importance, he decided to seek out opportunities in the industry. That’s where BioTalent Canada’s Career Focus Wage Subsidy Program came in.

Read his story here.

BioTalent Canada opens doors for brilliant biotech minds.


Opportunities: engaging skilled newcomers


Innovation and Success in the Life Sciences Field with BioTalent Canada

Dalton Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical contracting company in Toronto, started unremarkably enough. “I couldn’t find a job, so I created one in 1986 based upon research I had conducted during my Master’s degree,” remembers Peter Pekos, the company founder. Mr. Pekos had been part of a business incubator at York University where he excelled at making compounds. He partnered with a professor and named his fledgling company after John Dalton, the renowned English chemist, meteorologist and physicist of the 18th century.

Mr. Pekos remembers that the team were good synthetic chemists and able to provide chemistry services using the skills they had developed at university coupled with access to the university’s infrastructure and people. Early growth was both invigorating and fun, says Mr. Pekos, “although in our early years people tended to give us their problems instead of their more exciting projects. We were good bench chemists and we could tackle those problems.”

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“They connect us with the talent to grow our company.”

Dr. Allen C. Eaves of STEMCELL Technologies