Meet Michael Domenichiello. Collaborating to ensure the quality of endoscopic medical devices.

Photo of Michael Domenichiello with quoteEndoscopic medical devices are enabling quicker and easier method for tissue collection and foreign object retrieval.

Name: Michael Domenichiello
Title: Quality Assurance Technician
Organization: PriMed Instruments
Background: Mechanical Engineering, Quality Control

I am most passionate about… working with products and procedures that make a difference for society. Whether it entails the research, design, production, or quality assurance needed to put those products to the market and in the hands of those who need it. Knowing my work is being done for the greater good makes those times that may seem tedious or difficult, worth it.

I chose a career in biotech because… biotech allows my interest and education in mechanical engineering to be used for products that will directly impact people in a positive way. The medical devices that I am involved with help both patients and doctors by making tissue-sample removal quicker and safer.

I am most proud about… the times when I have figured out why certain things must be done as a Quality Assurance Technician working with medical devices. When a task is assigned to me that I have little knowledge of, hard work and communication leads me to understand the reasoning for its purpose. From there I am able to do future assignments with much more understanding and motivation.

What’s the best part about working in biotech? That no matter how small the work I am doing may seem, it is all for a much bigger and important system that is continuously trying to improve for the sake of better medical care. The biotech industry is constantly improving all aspects that will result in better products and procedures that will benefit the patient.

How has wage subsidy impacted your career? Wage subsidies help businesses grow since there is an incentive to take on new workers, especially one like myself, coming right out of college.  Helping businesses grow increases the amount of jobs that can be found in this field, and allows recent college graduates, like myself to kick start a career. Less than a year in, I have much more experience and knowledge which has helped shape my career.

To other recent graduates I would say… once you are given the opportunity to work somewhere, work hard and continue to take interest in the work tasked to you. Even if every aspect may not seem like something you enjoy, it is a learning experience and it will lead you to more opportunities that you can get invested in.

Most-admired scientist: I have never admired any one person specifically, but rather the joint effort of all those that work towards a common goal. In other words, all engineers and scientists that have impacted human life in a positive way.

Favourite pastimes: Making music and spending time with family and friends.

Favourite Book: The Impossible Return to Innocence by J.D. Clair.

Favourite destination: Anywhere with sand and an ocean.