Gaining A Competitive Edge With BioTalent Canada’s Courses

University of Manitoba student Mercy Arowolo was looking for an edge that would make her more attractive to prospective employers when she came across BioTalent Canada’s leading training courses.

“I saw the courses offered by BioTalent (Canada) while searching for jobs in the biotech industry online,” explains Mercy, who is completing an honours biochemistry degree with a minor in biological science. “After reading about the online courses, I thought they could make me a more well-rounded professional.”

Immersing herself in the Essential Skills Fundamentals and Technical Skills Fundamentals courses offered by BioTalent Canada, Mercy was impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge she gained from completing the entire portfolio of online study.

“I found the courses very helpful and detailed. I learned a lot of technical things that I was unaware of previously. It definitely gave me a more well-rounded base of knowledge.”

Taking the courses on her own time while working in a laboratory over the summer, Mercy found that she was able to finish all of the course work and received her BioReady™ certificate in a little more than two weeks.

BioTalent Canada’s Essential and Technical Skills Fundamentals courses offer professional development to new talent and enhances an employer’s onboarding program. They are designed with the support of industry and available in both English and French.

Essential skills provide:

  • Foundational knowledge for learning higher-order concepts and technical skills.
  • Expertise that can be tailored for different jobs throughout a career.
  • Support to make it easier to adapt to change.

The Technical Skills Fundamentals courses cover topics such as:

  • Scientific Report Writing
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC)
  • Good Clinical Practices (GCP)

“Having the BioReady™ certificate will give me an edge in the job market, I believe,” says Mercy. “It showcases my knowledge and should help me standout to employers.”

Now planning to begin her career within the biotech industry and hoping to work in regulatory affairs or strategic management, Mercy says she feels more confident entering the job market having taken BioTalent Canada’s Essential and Technical Fundamentals training courses.

“I would whole heartedly recommend the BioReady™ courses to other students. It is highly relevant to personal and professional growth,” she says.

Interested in finding out how your professional development could include these courses? please contact [email protected]