Gaining a Competitive Edge: BioTalent Canada’s SWPP – Precision Biomonitoring

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Participant Perspective

“My name is Stephanie and I am the Marketing Manager here at Precision Biomonitoring. I started in March 2020 with BioTalent Canada SWPP Program, as part of my research project from the University of Guelph Master of Biotechnology Program”. Says Stephanie Lim, Marketing Manager at Precision Biomonitoring.   

“The SWPP has helped me identify what I want to do in my career. It introduced me as a Business Development Assistant, and, through my work at Precision Biomonitoring, I realized that I wanted to focus more on Marketing. Being able to be part of this program, it’s helped me to realize that”. 

Employer Perspective

When we started this, we hired one new graduate and two co-op students for a new Covid-19 Rapid Saliva Antigen Test and we gave them this project as a student project”. Says Mario Thomas, CEO of Precision Biomonitoring.

“You’re short-changing yourself if you’re not bringing in students and new graduates because they bring new ideas. They bring a new approach to performing work. You should be speaking with people at BioTalent Canada to see how they can help you!”.