Gaining a Competitive Edge – BioTalent Canada’s SWPP – Mantech

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Participant Perspective

“I’ve definitely gained a lot of valuable experience in my field because working just through school courses, I don’t really get that hands-on experience, what it might actually be like to work in my field”. Says Meagan Vens, Co-op Student at Mantech.

But as soon as I came into the lab, I’ve been working with pipettes. I’ve been using a centrifuge, homogenizer. I get to use these products that I would be using in my actual career. So yeah, it’s been a great experience”. 

Employer Perspective

“Canada’s bio-economy is an important growth area. It impacts everything, I think. It impacts the clean tech sector, it impacts the bio-economy, bio-resources, like pulp and paper. So we need to invest in Canada ’cause we have the renewable resources to do this”. Says Robert Menegotto, President & CEO at Mantech.

And we can benefit from the new carbon economy as well. And the BioTalent Canada SWPP programme allows us to bring in students and for them to get training. And for us, ManTech, to actually benefit from their skills and their learning as well”.