Gaining a Competitive Edge: BioTalent Canada’s SWPP – Cytophage

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Participant Perspective

“It definitely puts you in a different pool of employees when you’re entering the workforce. BioTalent Canada is especially important for undergraduate students because you’re able to get work experience that you wouldn’t be able to during your undergrad”. Says Somin Park, Co-op student at Cytophage.

Employer Perspective

“We heard about the SWP Program through the local Biosciences Association, Biosciences Association of Manitoba. They introduced us to some of the people at BioTalent Canada, and we’ve been working with them ever since to hire anywhere between three and five students a year, and it’s been exceptionally easy”. Says Heather Medwick, President of Cytophage. 

“If you have a project that you want done, you understand how to write it down on paper and put it in an application and send it in, they’ve been exceptionally welcoming to us. So, it’s been a big bonus for us just to have new energy, new ideas, new thought processes in our company”.