Gaining a Competitive Edge: BioTalent Canada’s SWPP – CleanSlate UV

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Participant Perspective

Some of the things that surprised me the most about the program is how inclusive and open it is, essentially”. Says Leeam Ng Tang Fui, student at CleanSlate UV. “To be able to allow students like myself the opportunity to work in these kinds of environments without any judgment prejudice or any underlying conditions. Essentially, “We are here to provide support for you to learn and grow”.”

Employer Perspective

“Working with BioTalent has been such a great relationship. They really do all of the leg work for us and help us focus on what we do best and giving those students an amazing work term”. Says Manda Cuthbertson, HR Director at CleanSlate UV.

“I really suggest that you go ahead contact BioTalent and they will help you through every step of the process. It’s really quite easy. To be honest, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the resources that we’ve been able to gain through BioTalent. It’s become so critical to our resourcing plan and we’re so grateful that they’re here to support us”.