Gaining a Competitive Edge – BioTalent Canada’s Career Starter Program – MEMOTEXT

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“We actually heard about the BioTalent Canada Career Starter program when one of our work colleagues when we were looking to hire, and so with this program we were glad to find that it helped to stretch a lot of the resources that we have right now”. Says Wenjia Zhou, Product Director at MEMOTEXT. As with any smaller company we wanted to do as much as we can with what we have. I think for us it kind of opened our eyes in terms of looking in the future because we found it’s a great opportunity for new hires”.

“BioTalent was very supportive with a lot of the application process. They were really quick with answering questions that we had and throughout the program I thought it was pretty straightforward and a lot of the paperwork was something that we would’ve already been doing so I thought it was just another thing to keep track of that helped”.