Skills Needed

Recruit or plan a job search based on the skills required.

The Bio-economy National Occupational Standards, are great places to start human resource and career planning because of their occupation and competency information. They help build job descriptions, professional development plans and resumes. They will also form the basis of the updated BioSkills Recognition Program through which professionals can be designated BioReadyTM.

Bio-economy National Occupational Standards

The standards, funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program, will be a valuable tool for bio-economy employers to enhance their ability to hire the right people with the right skills for key roles.

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Bio-economy Skills Profiles and Skills At-a-Glance

The skills profiles summarize the high-level skills required for each occupational profile and itemize in detail the common tasks associated with their bio-economy function. They were developed in partnership with industry stakeholders. The At-a-Glances are built around key competencies and were developed in partnership with industry stakeholders.

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