Science Horizons Youth Internship Program – Participant

Are you a graduate hoping to start a career in Canada’s vibrant green-economy?

Get your foot in the door and gain valuable work experience and skills needed to kick start your career in environmental fields. The Science Horizons wage subsidy covers your salary by 80% up to a maximum of $25,000. The program provides you with the chance to show what you can do when given an opportunity.

It’s a win-win. Just ask Juno Garrah.

When hands-on summer programming got shut down by COVID-19 restrictions, Water Rangers’ new hire—and Science Horizons participant—Juno Garrah took the outdoors online and helped the organization reach a wider audience than ever before. It was the first of many impacts she’s had since joining the non-profit. Read her story.


Participants must be:

  • new (not yet employed) to the organization applying for funding;
  • aged 30 or under at the beginning of the internship;
  • graduated from a post-secondary institution (you do not have to be a STEM grad);
  • a Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or persons who have been granted refugee status in Canada;
  • legally entitled to work in Canada according to the relevant provincial and Canadian legislation and regulations; and
  • not in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits.

Please note, employers apply to the program. For employer application information, please visit

Guidance for self-identification on the application can be found in this FAQ document.

But, if you’re interested in applying to a work placement or in learning more about this program, please contact Colleen at 1-866-243-2472, ext. 218 or [email protected].

This project was undertaken with the financial support of:  Environment and Climate Change Canada