Recognizing Talent – Capitalizing on the skills of foreign-trained professionals for a vital bio-economy – A strategic analysis

cover of report

As in many other industries, the demand for professionals within the biotechnology sector cannot be met by those trained in Canada alone. We know that to reach peak productivity, our industry must look to the abundant talents of scientists, researchers, technicians and others trained abroad—members of Canada’s vast and diverse immigrant population.

To gain deeper insight into the needs of both Canada’s biotechnology employers and the multitude of foreign-trained professionals in Canada seeking work in the sector, BioTalent Canada recently conducted research in the area, and the results and our strategic analysis are presented in Recognizing Talent: Capitalizing on the Skills of Foreign-Trained Professionals for a Vital Bio-economy.

Armed with this information, we now understand the task ahead. In this report, we have proposed practical solutions for supporting the entry of foreign-trained professionals into the biotechnology sector. We have already begun working with government, industry and academia to tackle the obstacles that, today, prevent companies from fully tapping into the reserve of skilled, talented and experienced foreign-trained professionals who are eager to work in Canada’s biotechnology sector.