BioTalent Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) has been a win-win for employers and the students they hire.

The program provides wage subsidies to help students obtain valuable placements with biosciences and healthcare organizations across Canada. Evidence, both technical and anecdotal, shows that SWPP has better prepared students to be job ready in the fast-moving, scientific-based sector.

Specifically, SWPP covers the cost of a student’s salary by 70% up to a maximum of $7,000. As demonstrated, these students often have transformative impacts on biotech organizations.

Industry has made clear that the program helps them fill the talent gap and be more competitive. Many organizations hire a student for a special project and find that, at the end of the placement, they have a skilled recruit who is familiar with their company and can help meet their future staffing and talent needs.

Key highlights:

  • 11,000+ placements nationwide
  • Participation from 2,000+ bioscience & healthcare companies
  • Placements in all provinces & 2 territories
  • 97% satisfaction rate among company participants
  • 70% of placements might not have existed without SWPP
  • 77% of participants are from under-represented groups

What’s needed now is for the Government of Canada to make SWPP permanent. BioTalent Canada is therefore asking that funding for SWPP be provided on an ongoing and renewable basis each fiscal year.