Amplifying Success – The value of a STEM education for the bio-economy

Today, more students graduate from Canadian post-secondary institutions with bio-economy-related degrees than ever. These graduates are in high demand within the various bio-economy sub-sectors and from other industries. Unemployment rates in 2019 among people with STEM-related post-secondary education were at an historic low.

Roundtable discussions made three determinations:

  1. There is a need for flexible initiatives to facilitate connections between graduates and industry.
  2. A greater emphasis must be placed on transitioning international students to permanent Canadian residents.
  3. Increased resources are required to assist employers navigate immigration issues for recruitment of new talent.

BioTalent Canada will publish five more research briefs in advance of the full LMI release in 2021. The organization plans to produce 11 more in-depths reports next year, including nine new LMI studies, a hot jobs report, and a talent supply report.

Any employers that wish to provide expertise in a future study should contact BioTalent Canada Project Manager Adriana Saenz.