Biotechnology LMI baseline study (2012-2013)

April 2012 – July 2013

Industry need: Given the dynamic, rapidly changing nature of this industry, it is essential to understand the shifting nature of the workforce to determine if critical skills needs are being met and to update Labour Market Information (LMI) to guide BioTalent Canada’s efforts in addressing and meeting the evolving HR needs of the industry. Specifically, BioTalent Canada conducted another LMI study to gather current data on the size, composition and impact of the sector.



1. To conduct a comprehensive LMI study of the biotechnology industry that included a regional breakdown of data such as: biotechnology functions; employment levels; job vacancies; occupational projections; wage data; definitions of key and emerging functions; and identification of critical skill areas; and
2. To develop recommendations and an action plan for industry stakeholders to help them address the findings and results of the study


Supporting project leveraged: 2007 Labour Market Information for the Biotechnology Industry




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