Career Focus (2005-2016)

August 2012 to March 2016

Industry need: Every year, thousands of talented graduates emerge from post-secondary programs that are related directly to the bio-economy—in disciplines such as chemistry, biology, agriculture and human health. Too often, however, these new grads lack the practical skills and professional maturity to step straight into jobs with Canadian biotechnology companies.

Supporting projects leveraged:

  • Career Focus 2005-08
  • Career Focus 2008-09
  • Career Focus 2009-2012

Objective: This project provided practical work experience to post-secondary graduates and will allow them to gain the necessary biotechnology competencies (business and science) through internship in order to secure permanent employment and to contribute to industry competitiveness as a whole. This project benefited the industry by increasing the number of individuals in the biotechnology workforce and benefited individual companies by giving them the opportunity to increase their number of employees.

BioTalent Canada has been successfully running this program for a number of years for past successes of this program please see:

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program.