Alternative Career Paths for Internationally Educated Health Professionals (2014-2017)

February 2014 – February 2017

Industry Need: BioTalent Canada conducted a national statistically significant study of Canadian bio-economy companies from coast to coast (published September 2013) to discover their greatest human resource (HR) challenges. From this study:

  • 33.2% of companies experienced skills shortages
  • 40% of companies stated this has a great or major impact on achieving business objectives
  • But only 52.1% of companies have internationally trained professionals on staff (a decline of 6.7% from 2008)

Of those companies that hired immigrants:

  • 51.8% improved innovation and/or problem solving on their teams
  • 43.4% improved company productivity
  • 28.9% increased access to foreign and/or domestic markets
  • 15.7% increased access to investors and/or venture capital


BioTalent Canada also conducted a national statistically significant study of recent immigrants to Canada (published November 2013). From this study:

  • 56.8% of all immigrants surveyed were unemployed
  • Unemployment for those from clinical and pre-clinical research backgrounds ranged from 44.6% to 54.5%
  • The number one reason they came to Canada was the prospect of employment
  • The number one difficulty they face upon arrival in Canada is securing employment in their field


Objective: This project provided internationally educated professionals with alternative career path options from traditional medical professions, such as physicians, surgeons, veterinarians, nurses and pharmacists, into related occupations within the Canadian bio-economy.


BioTalent Canada had previously developed a database of transferable skills for physicians, surgeons, nurses and veterinarians into 46 Canadian bio-economy occupations in Canada. BioTalent Canada expanded on this database to include transferable skills for pharmacists.


Results: Paving the Way – Facilitating Career Paths for Newcomers in the Canadian Bio-economy


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Funded by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Program.