Schulich School of Engineering – University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

The University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering is the place to find your new biomedical engineering intern. The Employer Services Specialists in our Engineering Career Centre are directly from the profession and are prepared to support you and your intern every step of the way. Our biomedical engineering students have the specialized skills and knowledge your industry is looking for.

Biomedical Engineering Minor
Students enrolled in our Biomedical Engineering minor work at the intersection of the fields of biology and engineering, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for humans and animals through engineering-inspired techniques and processes. They are proficient in the design, fabrication, and synthesis of new ideas and can apply them to meet the challenges of biological systems.
Our highly motivated students are mentored by internationally renowned researchers and faculty, and are equipped with skills and knowledge in the following areas:
– Imaging and biomedical applications
– Biomaterials and biocompatibility
– Bioengineering methods in systems biology and physiology
– Biomechanics of movement
– Biomechanics of tissues
– Molecular, cellular and tissue engineering
– Biomedical device design

Why hire a biomedical engineering student from the Schulich School of Engineering?
FLEXIBILITY: Short-term internships (4 months) and internships of up to 12 or even 16 months are available.
SUPPORT: Free job postings, performance evaluation assistance, and more.
ENGINEERING KNOWLEDGE: Our staff members come directly from the profession.
BEST POSSIBLE JOB INTERVIEW: Today’s intern is tomorrow’s strong employee.