Montréal Invivo

Montreal, QC

Montréal InVivo designates the life sciences and health technologies (LSHT) cluster of Greater Montréal. This cluster comprises almost 620 organizations, including more than 150 research centres, 80 subsidiaries of world-class companies and 41,000 people employed in the sector. A wellspring of great ideas, the cluster includes four universities and is ranked first in Canada in terms of number of research centres.As for the secretariat of Montréal InVivo, it is a non-profit economic development organization devoted to the creation of wealth. By mobilizing the relevant actors in order to meet crucial challenges such as innovation, and through the actions it undertakes and the implementation of its strategic plan, Montréal InVivo aims to ensure the sustainable development, long-term survival and international renown of the LSHT sector in Greater Montréal.