Corporate Traveller

Vancouver, British Columbia

Elevate your business travel experience with Corporate Traveller. With more than two decades of expertise, we specialize in streamlining travel for Canadian SMEs, and are committed to optimizing your time and budget.

Our digital booking platform, Melon, and experienced travel managers, give you flexibility to book the way you want to book, access reports, ensure traveller safety, and have full visibility of your travel program. Our expert support ensures your team arrives safely, that travel feels stress-free, and your costs stay under budget. 

With Corporate Traveller you’ll enjoy:
– Dedicated travel manager
– In-house 24/7 Emergency Assistance
– On-demand financial, duty of care & environmental sustainability reporting
– Speedy response times
– Access to negotiated rates on airfare, hotel, and cars
– Specialized knowledge including advisory boards, leadership meetings, clinical trial, etc.
– Helping companies scale as they continue to grow

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