Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

Edmonton, Alberta

Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) is a not-for-profit institute focused on growing the Canadian life sciences economy and unlocking the potential of drug discovery programs. API utilizes an integrated framework with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science (FPPS) as well as other centres of excellence, research and post-secondary institutions across Canada to provide pro-bono and cost-effective translational science. API builds capacity in the Canadian innovation space by providing much needed services to innovators such as niche pharmaceutical industry-specific patent and business strategy and access to regulatory compliant drug development science under GxP quality guidelines and regulations that are required for industry compliance. From lead selection and preclinical to clinical trials and beyond API provides drug development capacity to startups, SMEs, and large pharma in a way that is regulatory compliant, keeps intellectual property (IP) with the funder, and is completed at the pace needed for industry timelines all the while providing essential experience to students and recent graduates in the sector.