Opening Doors for Brilliant Biotech Minds

It was during a break in sessions at a biotech conference in Vancouver. I overheard someone asking their friend if anyone from BioTalent Canada was at the conference.

Turning around I introduced myself and met Elizabeth Velasque.

“I just wanted to thank you,” she said.

“Why? For what?” I asked.

Elizabeth went on to explain how the BioTalent Canada website was instrumental in helping her start a new life and career in Canada.

In Peru, Elizabeth realized the combination of her science degree and the job market was limiting her personal and professional growth.

Turning to the internet, she looked for options around the world. The BioTalent Canada website looked like it could open some doors.

It did.


Using the tools and resources at, Elizabeth was able to find work in Vancouver. Not only did she manage to complete her MBA, she was brought a new, international dynamic to the company. Doors began to open for them as well.

I asked Elizabeth if she plans on going back to Peru any time soon. No, she said. I want to see more of Canada and I appreciate what the country has done for me.

The chance meeting has turned into a new relationship. Now, Elizabeth’s story will be the catalyst for other brilliant minds to find their way to a successful new life in Canada.


Watch the video here.

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