National Occupational Standard for Senior Research Scientist Engineer in Bio-Industrial, Bio-Energy

Definition of occupation

The Senior Research Scientist/Engineer develops project proposals and study protocols, undertakes experiments and other tests, analyzes the results, conducts theoretical computations and analysis, prepares project reports and publications, and communicates with clients and stakeholders. The purpose may be to develop new products, processes/technologies, services and/or applications, or to improve upon currently existing practices or products through innovation, sustainability, automation, etc. Technology transfer and process scale-up from lab to pilot scale may be required as well. A project can be either experimentally based, theoretical/computation/modeling based, or the combination of both.

Research may be fundamental, such as investigating the underlying basis of bioprocessing and bioengineering, or it may be more applied, such as:

  • developing a specific biochemical process to produce biopolymers, biofuels, biosolvents, or bioactives,
  • conducting classic and/or modern genetic research for new strain development,
  • conducting fermentation research for fermentation or enzymatic bioprocess development, and
  • investigating methods for monitoring and control of bioprocesses.

Knowledge transfer/translation and communication of results are required as well. In addition, the Senior Research Scientist/Engineer may support the technical sections of grant applications, file patent applications, and publish research articles in peer-reviewed journals.

How to use a National Occupational Standard