National Occupational Standard for Research Scientist in Bio-Health

Definition of occupation

The Research Scientist plans, conducts, and analyzes research, undertakes experiments and other tests, and analyzes the results. The purpose may be development of new products, processes and/or applications, or improvement of existing practices or products through innovation or further research and development (R&D). Research may be foundational, such as investigating the underlying basis of health and disease, or it may be more applied, such as developing medical devices, conducting genetic research, conducting clinical research in support of clinical trials, investigating methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human disorders. Knowledge transfer/translation and communication of results may be required as well.

The Research Scientist is also responsible for formulating budgets and overseeing projects in the laboratory. In addition, the Research Scientist may apply for grants from funding agencies and publish research articles in peer reviewed journals.

How to use a National Occupational Standard