National Occupational Standard for Regulatory Affairs Manager in Agri-Bio, Bio-Industrial, Bio-Energy

Definition of occupation

The Regulatory Affairs Manager in Agri-biotech, Bio-industrial, Bio-energy (ABB) collaborates strategically throughout the organization’s product life cycle to ensure that new and existing products such as biopesticides, animal health products, biopolymers, and bio-based chemicals and liquid fuels comply with applicable rules, regulations, and industry standards. They are involved in risk assessment and management to ensure products meet research standards and quality, efficacy, and safety requirements. They provide advice on the regulatory boundaries in the commercialization process. The Regulatory Affairs Manager – ABB is responsible for the process of obtaining and maintaining government approval for the products. They represent the organization’s interests and objectives while interacting and negotiating with regulatory agencies. Managers may also provide input and feedback on proposed government regulations directly and/or through their association.

The duties and responsibilities of the Regulatory Affairs Manager – ABB have expanded in recent years as a result of acquisitions and restructuring, worldwide globalization of markets, and constantly evolving legal, technical, and scientific requirements. They work within a dynamic work environment where communication with employees at all levels and within different departments is extremely important. The Regulatory Affairs Manager – ABB not only ensures regulatory compliance but works to foster a positive regulatory culture within the organization.

How to use a National Occupational Standard 

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