National Occupational Standard for Marketing Manager

Definition of occupation

The Marketing Manager develops and implements the marketing strategies that allow their organization to achieve its objectives and serve its customers. They oversee the strategic and tactical activities of a marketing function, which may include specialists in branding, sales forecasting, market research, digital marketing, advertising and copywriting, promotions, campaign planning and budgeting, pricing, etc. as well as external agencies and contracted services.

The Marketing Manager is involved in research activities to better understand customer needs and expectations and develop strategies to enhance the customer experience and influence future product and service development. They provide input to the organization’s strategic plans and objectives, injecting their understanding of customer and market behaviour in order to influence revenue goals, new product development, and enhancements to existing products throughout the products’ life cycles.

Depending on the size of the organization, the Marketing Managers may play a significant role in the organization’s communications activities, including awareness raising, direct-to-customer campaigns, and event planning and execution.

The Marketing Manager’s work informs and supports the development of sales and business development strategies, as well as the day-to-day functioning of the sales organization in order to generate revenue for the business.

How to use a National Occupational Standard 

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