National Occupational Standard for Manufacturing Manager

Definition of occupation

The Manager of Manufacturing oversees production activities for their organization. They are directly involved in the planning, coordination, and control of manufacturing processes, and are responsible for ensuring that products are manufactured safely, efficiently, and to the required quality standard. They have responsibility for process, human, and material resources employed in

The Manager of Manufacturing oversees the development of talent within the manufacturing department of the organization and may be directly involved with development of direct reports. They are also responsible for continuous improvement of manufacturing processes to improve key performance metrics.

As part of their role, they may also be involved in production accounting, maintenance scheduling, manufacturing process design for new products, and commissioning of new production equipment/facilities.

As part of a management team, they coordinate with other line and staff functions (maintenance, HR, accounting, Research and Development (R&D), sales, supply chain, etc.) in order to ensure efficient and effective operations.

The exact scope of the role depends on the nature of the production system as well as the products being manufactured. Many
organizations are involved in several types of production, which adds to the complexity of the role.

How to use a National Occupational Standard