National Occupational Standard for Government Relations Officer

Definition of Occupation

The Government Relations Officer develops and maintains strategic relationships with elected and appointed officials and ministerial staff in all levels of government to present their industry and organization’s legislative goals and interests. They also build strong relationships with industry partners, relevant boards, industry associations, and other agencies, working cooperatively to provide feedback and positively influence new and existing standards, regulations, and government policy. The Government Relations Officer liaises between their organization, the broader industry, and government to advocate for their organization’s interests.

The Government Relations Officer researches policies and monitors legislation, media, and other happenings within and across governments, both domestically and internationally, to identify changes and trends that could impact their organization positively or negatively in the future. They provide strategic advice to their employer, informing them of the possible impacts of the proposed legislation and regulations. The Government Relations Officer creates and supports policy proposals that will advance their organization’s goals and interests. They develop talking points related to policy, legislation, and regulations for their organization. They also prepare reports and presentations to deliver within their organization and externally. They may serve as a point of contact for the media and represent their organization at industry forums and events.

How to use a National Occupational Standard