National Occupational Standard for Director of Technology/Research and Development in Bio-Industrial, Bio-Energy

Definition of occupation

The Director of Technology/Research and Development (R&D) is the lead technical strategist whose role entails identification of business and collaboration opportunities for the core scientific assets of the corporation. The Director typically reports to a vice president, providing advice and guidance to the executive team in areas such as strategic research focus and the identification and protection of intellectual property. They also propose key R&D initiatives through scientific and technological scouting and forecasting. The Director reports to funders or stakeholders and communicates project updates and achievements where applicable.  The Director may also make scientific presentations at advisory boards, key scientific meetings, and external committee meetings. When communicating, the Director must be capable of summarizing a broad range of research studies and results, presenting complex scientific content in a format easily understood by non-scientific personnel.

In partnership with Sales and Marketing, the Director of Technology/R&D coordinates with potential users, customers, and adopters of the technology to ensure that the products developed are meeting actual market needs and specifications. The Director is responsible for administrative duties such as budgets and timelines, and may also recruit and manage exempt (professional) staff.  The Director is also responsible for ensuring R&D complies with protocols, guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other applicable regulations.

How to use a National Occupational Standard