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Become a Showcase Employer

Showcase your organization to Canada's bio-economy

Is finding the right people with the right skills at the right time paramount for your organization?

Showcase Employers

Showcase Employers Features

Become a BioTalent Canada Showcase Employer to:

  • Showcase your organization’s growth and activities
  • Join the top of search engine results for “biotech jobs in Canada
  • Enjoy direct access to Canada’s pool of thousands of highly skilled candidates
  • Eliminate time  sifting through unqualified applicants
  • Be part of Canada’s most trusted brand in biotech human resources
  • Have exponential reach through BioTalent Canada’s partners

Reach over 18,000 stakeholders:

  • 1,000s of HR Professionals, executives, managers and employees in:
    • Bio-economy businesses
    • Research organizations
    • Biomanufacturers (including medical devices)
    • Industry Associations (Provincial/National)
    • Academic Institutions
    • Industry Suppliers
  • Over 16,200 Job  seekers
  • Internationally Educated Professionals (in Canada and Abroad)
  • Immigrant Serving Agencies
  • Governments
  • Like-minded organizations
  • Over 3,300 social media followers

For more information please contact us at partner@biotalent.ca.