New study will examine the resiliency of Canada’s bio-economy to plan the industry’s future

Ottawa, October 14, 2021 — BioTalent Canada today announced the kickoff of a $1.15M research study titled Building Resiliency and Sustainability for the Bio-economy to Withstand Disruption. The project, funded by the Future Skills Centre, which wraps up in September 2022, will leverage lessons learned from the pandemic to ensure long-term sustainability within Canada’s bio-economy.

Because of the pandemic, Canadians are realizing the crucial work being done in the bio-economy more than ever. The critical industry is relied upon for vaccines, lifesaving medical research and diagnostic devices, personal protective equipment, and food security. The demand for a deep pipeline of highly skilled workers has never been greater.

“The pandemic revealed how important it is for every industry to prepare for the unexpected,” says Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada. “COVID-19 was an unprecedented event. But now we have a model, and we can learn lessons from those organizations that persevered and pivoted successfully. At the end of this project, Canada’s bio-economy employers and investors will be better equipped to develop strategies that will drive resiliency in the face of uncertainty.”

“This research project will sharpen our understanding of approaches that have been used successfully in the bio-economy sector,” says Pedro Barata, Executive Director of the Future Skills Centre. “This sector’s value has become even more pronounced during the pandemic as we seek research insights, medical and diagnostic solutions, but this work will also enable us to plan for economic disruptions over the longer term. Preparing organizations for unexpected shocks is a perfect example of how FSC is supporting new and better skills training practices that anticipate labour market changes and foster resilience in the workforce of the future.”

Building Resiliency and Sustainability for the Bio-economy to Withstand Disruption, is being launched to help Canada’s bio-economy:

  • Prepare for and withstand future disruptions and disturbances;
  • Access proven processes, policies, and skills development techniques critical to evolve, grow and raise venture capital during crises; and
  • Analyze evidence-based data outlining innovative ways companies can become immune to disruption.

As an organization that supports the people behind life-changing science, BioTalent Canada has built a reputation with key industry stakeholders as the go-to source for trusted information. Strong bonds with four national and 10 provincial industry associations, and more than 70 corporate partnerships across Canada, positions BioTalent Canada to undertake this project.

“At the end of the day, this is about talent and enabling the industry to be strategic in its organizational planning and skills development,” says Henderson. “Bio-economy employers will be able to utilize the evidence and recommendations to make sound long-term decisions to minimize disruption.”

BioTalent Canada President and CEO Rob Henderson is available for comment.

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Building Resiliency and Sustainability for the Bio-economy to Withstand Disruption is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre.Future Skills Centre logoCanada wordmark


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