New “Green” Jobs Wage Subsidy Program Announced by BioTalent Canada

OTTAWA, September 26, 2016 – BioTalent Canada today announced the launch of a new wage-subsidy initiative that will provide over $1.1 million in salaries to help 100 new graduates across Canada land a green job. This federally-funded program is yet another initiative aimed to alleviate youth unemployment and initiate new careers in the biotechnology, environmental and other sectors.

BioTalent Canada, a national non-profit HR association for Canada’s bio-economy, has a long track record of successful implementation of wage-subsidy programs, helping new talent find employment in the industry and assisting companies in offsetting the costs of hiring. Since 2005, BioTalent Canada has helped over 400 new biotechnology graduates find jobs, with over 220 new placements expected this coming year.

“Companies are often reluctant to invest in training of a new graduate with no previous work experience,” said Rob Henderson, BioTalent Canada’s President and CEO. “Wage-subsidy programs like the Career Focus Green Jobs initiative, not only help employers cover the cost of hiring, but also lead to full-time employment.”

According to BioTalent Canada’s labour market report, Opening the Door, over 90% of wage-subsidy participants retained employment after the program, making these initiatives attractive and profitable for both employer and new graduates.

Scientific American Worldview is an international publication that invites a panel of experts to annually evaluate the innovation potential in biotechnology sectors around the world. The 2016 edition cited that Canada needs to continue growing its biotech workforce and referenced BioTalent Canada’s wage-subsidy initiatives as advancements Canada is making in this arena.

Traditionally, BioTalent Canada’s wage subsidies have applied to the biotechnology industry only. The Career Focus Green Jobs program is its first wage-subsidy initiative to expand its reach beyond biotech to include the environmental and other sectors as well. With the Agri-biotech, Bio-industrial and Bio-energy sub-sectors all heavily entrenched in sustainable development activities, the bio-economy is also well-suited to take advantage of the initiative.

More funding for wage subsidies is welcome news for an industry where access to capital is the biggest challenge, followed closely by access to skilled talent.

“Wage subsidy has been an essential factor in ERA’s momentum, assisting us to find highly-skilled environmental researchers that are passionate and engaged in world-class research. One team member we’ve hired thanks to a subsidy program was even shortlisted for BioTalent Canada’s ‘Catalyst’ Award for Biotechnology Graduates,” said Gary Vegh, Senior Toxicologist and Founder of ERA Environmental Management Solutions.

Green jobs are employment opportunities that help reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials, limit greenhouse gas emissions, minimize waste and pollution, or protect and restore ecosystems. To qualify as a green job either the job needs to have a green mandate or the employer needs to have an environmental focus. Green jobs can also include positions in: non-profit environmental organizations, solar and wind technology companies, environmental science centers, watershed and water resource agencies, farms and farming co-ops, conservation organizations, museums and educational institutions, waste management companies, or information technology companies.

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