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June 2018

Biotechnology snapshot – Ontario

“We have the talent, innovation, and institutions to build and sustain a vibrant provincial life sciences sector.” – Jason Field, President and CEO, Life Sciences Ontario Read More…


Early-career “green” professional propels organization forward

Young people are playing an instrumental role in developing the future of the bio-economy, and work to bring in more is necessary and welcome, according to a leader at an industry accelerator.

Bioenterprise Corporation, a publicly funded non-profit business accelerator, facilitates the creation, growth and commercialization of agri-technology companies ranging from start-ups to established businesses. It offers a range of services from business analysis and consulting to events that showcase and highlight the sector. Read More…


Helping the visually impaired build a career with eSight

Meet Yvonne Felix: she is a working professional, a mother of two, a public and community artist, and an avid traveler and golfer. With her job, Yvonne travels across the continent to lead meetings, and commutes daily from her home in Hamilton, Ontario, to her office in Toronto’s downtown core.

Yvonne Felix successfully juggles all of these priorities (and more) on a daily basis. And the most unbelievable part of it all? Yvonne is legally blind. Read More…


4 things you NEED to show in your next job interview

So, you’ve put together a résumé that got you a callback for that all-important job interview. Now, instead of a hundred other applicants, it’s you versus four or five others.

You already know the basics: arrive on time, solid greeting, eye contact, rehearse standard sample questions, be clear, concise, and correct. But what are the things that you need to display that will give you the edge? More to the point, what are those things that you can display that will get you the job? Read More…


Wage subsidies for hiring internationally educated professionals

The BioReady™ Paid Internship Program is an initiative that helps internationally educated professionals (IEPs) better integrate into the Canadian bio-economy by gaining valuable work experience. The program provides up to a maximum of $11,500 towards a salary as an incentive for bio-economy employers to hire, accommodate and train an IEPs. Read More…


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