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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 2017

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Sound HR policies and practices foster employee satisfaction, which in turn fuel performance, productivity and innovation. BioTalent Canada is pleased to share points of views on IP protection policies, effective communications and employee health and wellness from the perspective of Gowling WLG, Business Wire and HealthParnters.

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Protecting Trade Secrets When Employees Depart

Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, have held that an employer’s trade secrets are valuable commercial assets that employees must respect. In particular:

Trade secrets are by definition not widely known, are subject to reasonable efforts by employers to keep them secret, and give employers a competitive or economic advantage. There is no comprehensive legislation in Canada governing trade secrets in the civil context.

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Three Tips to Maximize Your Executive Announcement

Organizational announcements might not initially seem like it, but they serve as important messaging for both the news consuming public as well as the investor relations community. The key to maximizing the impact of an executive announcement is in the presentation of the information and the reasoning behind its issuance. Following are the top three tips to help you set up your news for best amplification.

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Healthy and Engaged Workplaces: Good for Employees and Good for the Bottom Line

I recently heard a surprising notion that has implications for all employers: less than 50% of employees report being fully present in the workforce on any given day.

There are any number of reasons for this: they may not feel engaged, nor have a sense of connection to their employer or workplace. They or a family member could be struggling with chronic disease or mental illness. And with an aging population where 87% of Canadians are likely to be directly affected by one or more chronic disease over the course of his or her lifetime, that problem is one that will only increase over time.

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International Conference on Water, Informatics, Sustainability and Environment (iWISE2017), July 3-5, 2017

iWISE2017 Conference integrates research, technology and expertise in fields of water, informatics, sustainability and environment. Focused themed-sessions throughout the conference allow for a lively exchange of ideas as well as contributions from highly selective keynote speakers from well-known leaders in the field.

Over 100 researchers and participants from around the globe are expected to attend from different sorts of backgrounds; academic, research centers, NGOs, and government organizations.

iWISE2017 will be held at Richcraft Hall (Formerly River Building) – Carleton University, Ottawa, during July 3-5, 2017. The conference is organized by Science Target Inc. in collaboration with professional and academic institutions both Canadian and international.

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Apply for Free Participation in the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)

The City of Toronto has funds to sponsor free access for export-ready companies to the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP). This course is offered by the Toronto Region Board of Trade (TRBoT), and normally costs $2,500. Among other requirements, companies must be located in Toronto to qualify. Below is a link with more information about the program.

Dates for upcoming session:
15-16 August, 29 August, 27 September ( TAP is a four-day class)

View complete schedule with more available dates

To participate in a TAP session, please reach out directly to the City of Toronto and get connected to the TRBoT to claim your free spot:

John Preece
Sector Development Officer (Life Sciences)
City of Toronto
Telephone: 416 392 3380 | Mobile: 416 906 3246
[email protected]

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300-130 Slater Street,
Ottawa, ON
K1P 6E2

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