HR Microscope February/March 2018

February/March 2018

Transferable Skills – Your Best Strategy To Career Path Success

I tell my kids that under no circumstances should my obituary include the word ‘Lawyer.’ Instead, I prefer ‘Problem-solver,’ ‘Servant Leader’ as they are more accurate. Lawyer is a label and a very limiting one and I want my title to reflect the kinds of problems I solve – governance, operational, or stakeholder engagement issues.

What I now appreciate is the concept of ‘Transferable Skills’ as a personal toolkit of technical and essential skills.

At the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC), we work with internationally trained professionals (ITPs), employer and community partners, as well as individual champions, mentors and connectors. We deliver strategies that lead to successful employment outcomes – for the ITP and the employer. Read More…


Partner with Us! Employee Engagement and Health

As a connector between employees and Canada’s most trusted health charities, HealthPartners is seeing a new trend in workplaces: a desire on the part of employers to engage their employees in improved health outcomes.

Our goals at HealthPartners are straightforward: to reduce the incidence of chronic disease in Canada, to work with employers to improve the health outcomes of their employees and to engage employees in the incredible work of our health charities. Read More…


IEC-BC’s Program Helps Transition Skilled Newcomers into Canada’s Biotech Workplace

Immigrants to Canada can now get a head start in preparing for their careers in their new homeland – before even landing here.

The most common skills internationally educated professionals (IEPs) possess coincide with the skills most needed by Canada’s bio-economy, according to Paving the Way, a recent labour market report by BioTalent Canada.

However, despite over half of the IEPs surveyed in the report (56.8%) indicated having worked in biotechnology prior to immigrating to Canada, with two-thirds (67.6%) holding at least a master’s degree, 69.2% did not gain employment in Canada’s bio-economy. Read More…


Wage Subsidies Available for Green Jobs

Ask yourself, what can your company achieve with a $13,500 wage subsidy?

The Career Focus Green Jobs wage subsidy program helps knock down that cost barrier of onboarding new talent by offering up to $13,500 in wage subsidies over six months to employers to hire a recent graduate from any discipline into a “green job”.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, contact [email protected]


Register Today! 2018 Clinical Trials Conference – March 27 to 28, 2018

The 2018 Clinical Trials Conference hosted by CTO – taking place March 27-28, 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto – is an interactive and collaborative 2-day event that brings together over 350 people from industry, research, ethics, healthcare, non-profit, government and academia to exchange ideas, build relationships, and develop new strategies with respect to improving clinical trials and bringing more clinical trials to Ontario.

This is a unique opportunity to bring together different groups of experts face-to-face to determine how to work together to make clinical trials more efficient and impactful. Themed The Changing Clinical Trials Environment: Understanding and Adapting, the conference includes keynote speakers Dr. Brian Goldman, physician and host of CBC’s White Coat, Black Art and Ken Getz, internationally recognized expert on R&D and clinical trial management practices from The Tufts Centre for the Study of Drug Development. In addition, over 20 panelists representing a range of knowledge and expertise in areas such as patient engagement, ethical conduct of clinical trials, clinical trial design and operations, and the role of big data and tech innovation in clinical research will engage in discussions and Q&A with the audience. For information about speakers, session topics, and registration, visit


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