Canada’s Economic Strategy Tables recommendations for health and biosciences applauded by BioTalent Canada

September 25, 2018 – Ottawa – Today, BioTalent Canada congratulated Canada’s Economic Strategy Tables on its talent-based recommendations contained in its report: “The Innovation and Competitiveness Imperative” for the Health and Bioscience sector, which constitutes the largest sector of Canada’s bio-economy.

The economic round table recommended the following:

  • Accelerate Innovation Adoption
  • Design Agile Regulations
  • Harness Technology
  • Develop & Attract Talent
  • Create Anchor Firms

Canada has a strong research and development ecosystem driven by people committed to generating leading edge innovations to create jobs and improve the health of Canadians. To excel on the world stage, the sector needs established systems and programs to ensure Canadians have access to these jobs and discoveries. The Economic Strategy Table’s recommendations identify how Canada can set the stage for what is needed to attract global talent, create more jobs for Canadians and leap Canada into a top three global health and bioscience hub position.


“To double the number of companies by 2025, maintain anchor companies and become a global leader will take skilled people and investment to drive innovation and economic growth,” said Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada. “Industry leaders have repeatedly emphasized that access to talent and capital are the two greatest challenges they face. It was gratifying seeing a talent recommendation that we hope signifies collaboration to identify, align and deliver even more effective labour market information and future-based skills programs needed to for the industry’s success,” said Henderson.


As an organization focused on identifying the future skills required and the talent development for the bio-economy to get there, BioTalent Canada particularly supported the recommendation of, “Equipping Canadians with highly skilled jobs, eliminating hiring barriers and streamlining government skills programs.”

BioTalent Canada’s programs have already experienced success in these areas:

  • Placing over 500 STEM and business students, since 2017, in new bio-economy jobs and launching the development of industry-driven post-secondary curriculum through the Student Work Placement Program supports the round table’s recommendation surrounding expanding the work integrated learning (WIL) opportunities and creating career ready graduates.
  • Publishing over 20 labour market reports highlighting the in-demand skills needed for success, supported by industry organizations like our Platinum Partner Innovative Medicines Canada, aligns with the strategy table’s recommendation to create a focal point for gathering and disseminating evergreen labour market information.
  • Placing over 1327 recent graduates, since 2005, in the bio-economy through several wage subsidy programs supports the Round Table’s recommendations for subsidizing reskilling programs.
  • Offering The PetriDishTM job board as an example and identifying over 400 BioReadyTMnewcomers to match their skills employment though the BioSkills Match can act as foundations for the Round Table’s recommendations concerning the creation of a sector wide talent repository of skilled workers.

BioTalent Canada feels strongly that continuing and emphasizing more work in these areas will ensure the health and biosciences can reach its full potential through increased collaboration and focus.

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