Biotech Recognition Program Helps Job Seekers Stand Out

OTTAWA, December 13, 2022 – BioTalent Canada’s BioSkills Recognition Program has been updated with National Occupational Standards that allow new talent to distinguish themselves to prospective biotech employers. 

The BioSkills Recognition Program enables bio-economy professionals who are new to Canada, university graduates, and experienced bio-economy workers to show employers that they have the skills needed to succeed within the biotech sector. 

Now, the BioSkills Recognition Program has been enhanced with the inclusion of National Occupational Standards. These are a set of more than 50 standards for Canada’s bio-economy that have been recently validated by industry professionals and identify the skills, education, and experience needed to perform a specific role. 

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“The integration of National Occupational Standards deepens and improves the BioSkills Recognition Program,” says Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada. “Going forward, people seeking to enter the bio-economy will be able to stand out to prospective employers, demonstrating that they have the skills needed to contribute.” 

In addition to incorporating National Occupational Standards, the BioSkills Recognition Program is free for immigrants to Canada who hold official refugee status, as well as for participants in the Skilled Newcomer Internship program for the bio-economy. 

The Skilled Newcomer Internship program is a federal initiative under BioTalent Canada that covers 75% of a participant’s salary up to a maximum of $20,000 for bio-economy employers to hire and train internationally educated professionals (IEPs) for a three-to-nine-month work placement. 

“Our hope is that new talent in the biotech sector will take advantage of the BioSkills Recognition Program to ensure they thrive here in Canada,” says Henderson.  

Benefits of the BioSkills Recognition Program include the ability to transfer skills from other occupations such as physician, surgeon, nurse, or laboratory technologist; showcasing skills to employers by being recognized as having a “BioReady™ Edge,” and having a profile added to the BioSkills Match™ database of job seekers that is viewed by employers looking to recruit talent. 

Developed over three years, BioTalent Canada’s National Occupational Standards were set after rigorous research and validation by industry experts. The national standards were carefully developed to ensure they aid employers in attracting the best-suited candidates for each role. 

Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program. 

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