BioTalent Canada now Accepting Nominations for its 2018 MAGNUS Catalyst Award for Top New Hire

OTTAWA, November 8, 2017 – BioTalent Canada today announced that the MAGNUS Catalyst Award for Top New Hire, is now accepting nominations for its 2018 award. The award, sponsored by MAGNUS Personnel, is an initiative to recognize the young employees who have contributed most significantly to their Canadian biotechnology employer in the past year. The winner will be announced in Spring 2018 and will be awarded a $1,000 prize.

BioTalent Canada, a national non-profit HR association for Canada’s bio-economy, administers several federally-funded wage subsidies intended to help underutilized talent pools, like recent graduates, newcomers and persons with disabilities land their first job in biotechnology. These wage subsidies also assist biotech employers to access funding in order to hire the talent they need.

The MAGNUS Catalyst Award recognizes achievements of young participants in the various wage-subsidy programs administered by BioTalent Canada throughout 2017.

“Wage subsidies make it easier for young workers to access career job opportunities,” says Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada. “Feedback from Canadian biotech companies on the contribution of young workers has been overwhelmingly positive. The award is our way to highlight their achievements and tell their stories.”

According to BioTalent Canada’s 2017 labour market report on youth employment, Opening the Door II, almost 85% of new graduates retain full-time employment even after their wage subsidies end.

BioTalent Canada has successfully partnered with the federal government in implementing wage-subsidy programs for more than ten years. Over the next four years, the organization will disburse over $10.3 million in wage subsidies and create 1,400 job placements.

Talent acquisition company, MAGNUS Personnel, is sponsoring the award for the second consecutive year.

“Young professionals are making remarkable contributions,” says Erik Simins, President and CEO of MAGNUS Personnel. “As a headhunting firm specialized in the Medical, Clinical Research and Life Sciences sectors, we’re seeing first-hand the tremendous value that wage subsidy programs offer to the Bio sector.”

Biotechnology employers are invited to submit applications, detailing their most recent hires through the programs – how these young scientists and entrepreneurs have enhanced innovation, and made substantial contributions to their companies.

The 2018 MAGNUS Catalyst Award will accept entries from employers until January 26, 2018. Eligible nominees are new graduate employees (within 3 years) who participated in one of BioTalent Canada’s wage subsidy programs in 2017. Entries will be judged based on significant contributions to: company culture, a company’s sense of innovation, achievement of a team or company business objective and overcoming a business challenge.

Announcement of finalists and the award winner will be in the spring of 2018.

More information and the application form to the 2018 MAGNUS Catalyst Award are available at


About BioTalent Canada’s wage subsidies

Wage subsidy programs play an important economic role, enabling biotechnology small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to hire the talent they need, and helping underutilized talent-pools gain the work experience they require. Since 2005, BioTalent Canada has successfully partnered with the Government of Canada in implementing wage-subsidy programs. Over the next four years, BioTalent Canada will disburse over $10.3 million in wage subsidies, to create 1,400 job placements. For more information, please visit

About BioTalent Canada

BioTalent Canada is the HR partner of Canada’s bio-economy. As an HR expert and national non-profit organization, BioTalent Canada focuses on building partnerships and skills for Canada’s bio-economy to ensure the industry has access to job-ready people. Through projects, research and product development BioTalent Canada connects employers with job seekers, delivers human resource information and skills development tools so the industry can focus on strengthening Canada’s biotech business. For more information please visit

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