BioTalent Canada launches training courses to address key skills gaps in Canada’s bio-economy


OTTAWA, May 2, 2022– BioTalent Canada launched three additional national bio-economy online courses today as part of its “Skills for Success” training. The inclusion of these courses into the existing Essential Skills Fundamentals training further supports the development of foundational skills critical to onboarding fresh talent and the growth of Canada’s current and future bio-economy labour markets.

These courses are designed to develop foundational skills Canadian employers look for in candidates. Included are skills the Government of Canada has identified as essential for workplace success: communication, collaboration and problem-solving. The “Skills for Success” courses were funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program.

According to BioTalent Canada’s National Labour Market Intelligence report released in late 2021, many employers cite “soft skills” to be lacking in graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions. Chief among these is problem-solving, rated as “very important” by 86% of bio-economy employers. Almost 75% of employers stressed the importance of collaboration, communication, adaptability and inter-personal skills.

“The Skills for Success courses were carefully crafted after consulting employers on what they look for in an ideal candidate and what skills are most often lacking,” says Rob Henderson, President and CEO of BioTalent Canada. “These courses support a seamless transition into any bio-economy workplace, allowing new employees to adapt to their new workplace and thrive within it.”

Users may complete pre-and post-assessments for each course of the program and upon successful completion, will receive BioTalent Canada’s BioReadyTM industry designation. This recognition gives candidates a competitive edge in the job market. Existing employees with it are also better positioned for upward mobility.

“BioTalent Canada strives to put job seekers in the best position to forge careers within Canada’s bio-economy. This best-in-class training will make them attractive to employers,” explains Henderson. “Skills for Success puts people in a position to maximize their potential and flourish as a member of today’s bio-economy workforce.”

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Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program.

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