3 ways to make networking work for you

Networking is a necessary part of being a professional, but for many people it’s also a high source of anxiety. In fact, according to Michael J. Hughes of Networking for Results, 90 per cent of professionals find networking stressful.

Since networking is unavoidable, what can you do to make the experience less stressful and more rewarding?

In the following three videos, Hughes offers insights into how you can make networking work for you:

1. Realize that you’re not alone.

Most people feel the same way as you do about networking, so initiate contact with that in mind. You’ll calm down and so will the person you’re talking to. This builds trust and positive feelings and provides the foundation for a relationship.

2. Embrace the process: be professional and persistent

The highest stress point for most people is making initial contact with a new person, but as conversations unfold, connections are made. This can only happen if you’re willing to participate in the process.

3. Know your value before you start

The previous two tips set you up to succeed in making connections at networking events. But what should you do after this initial contact is made? Communicate your value by asking yourself these three questions: