Labour Market Research

BioTalent Canada is currently conducting the following research projects:

Building Resiliancy and Sustainability for the Bio-economy to Withstand Disruption

Because of the pandemic, Canadians are realizing the crucial work being done in the bio-economy more than ever. The critical industry is relied upon for vaccines, lifesaving medical research and diagnostic devices, personal protective equipment, and food security. The demand for a deep pipeline of highly skilled workers has never been greater. Learn More

The Bio-economy Labour Market Information (LMI) Study 2018-2021

Current independent and industry driven LMI is critical to better understand the sector’s HR landscape and to develop practical HR strategies to alleviate labour market challenges. BioTalent Canada will conduct a widespread census of the companies within the industry to get a full picture of the composition of the bio-economy. Through extensive surveying and interviewing several reports – national, regional, and of key hubs – will be published. Learn More

Occupational Competencies for Canada’s Bio-economy

BioTalent Canada’s goal is to provide the bio-economy with accurate and up-to-date HR resources to attract and retain skilled labour to thrive and remain innovative. BioTalent Canada’s existing 24 Bio-economy Skills Profiles and 22 Skills At-a-Glance have been developed over many years with industry and have been in demand. Learn more