How to Use Bio-economy National Occupational Standards (NOS) to support your growth

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or launch your career, BioTalent Canada’s NOS profiles can help.  

Each profile was designed in close consultation with industry leaders – who then validated the core competencies and associated tasks for each occupation.  

Each NOS includes: 

  • An overview of critical roles 
  • An occupational overview 
  • Educational, training, and credentialing requirements 
  • Core industry, technical, regulatory, professional, and work process competencies 

How can NOS help you?

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Employers can recruit with confidence

  • Job descriptions – don’t know where to start?
  • Interview questions – puzzled on how to build an interview guide?

Employers can focus on retention 

Professional development, performance evaluations and succession planning

  • Show employees career paths based on competencies needed in different roles and work with them to plan professional development to get there.  
  • Compare current organization roles to the NOS to identify competency gaps within the organization. 
  • Use the NOS profiles to assess current and future skills gaps within your team and develop professional development strategies that support growth internally. 
  • Assess staff against nationally validated competencies for a strong performance management plan. 

Job seekers can plan careers

Career development

  • Explore career opportunities and what skills and competencies you need to get there. 
  • Understand what skills employers are looking for with the help of the NOS. 
  • Tailor your resume with ease by highlighting your competencies and experience. 
  • Know what to showcase, and speak about your skills with confidence at a job interview. 
  • Identify how your previous skills and experience can transfer over to a rewarding career in Canada’s bio-economy. 

Post-Secondary Institutions can prepare talent to meet industry needs

Planning and development of courses

  • Update and build curriculum based on the competency for NOS within each job function area. 
  • Attract students to programs by promoting that they meet industry standards of skills and experience.  
  • Plan and promote work-integrated learning opportunities students may not have considered.