Group Home Support Care Worker

Type d’emploi: Stages coopératifs
Candidats BioFin prêtsᴹᶜ acceptés : Non
Catégorie: Service à la clientèle
Éducation École Secondaire
Expérience: 0-3 Years
Employeur : Walker Place
Salaire : 37440.00
Lieu : Exeter, ON
Date de publication : 3 août 2022
Closes: 24 juillet 2024


Walker Place is a home for individuals 18 and older with mental health diagnosis. All of Walker Place’s support care workers ensure and promote high quality resident-centered care. Employees of Walker Place will gain valuable first-hand experience in learning how to interact and manage the various situational challenges that come with mental health work. Overall, we are focused on building a safe and welcoming community environment for the residents.

Duties & Responsibilities

Always consult with your mentor and seek for advice if there are any concerns

  • Provide appropriate resident centered care, including household work such as: cleaning living spaces, laundry, and preparing food as per schedule.
  • Meals/Snack preparation, and cleaning duties are approximately 3 – 4 hours/day. Maintaining cleanliness of the home is very important. 
  • Responsibility in administering and recording daily medication
  • Monitoring resident’s mood and behavior through writing progress reports and incident reports 
  • Maintain professional skills and techniques to manage mental health of residents, and effective mediation of any behavioral problems 
  • Appropriate daily interaction with residents: requires listening, and caring for the residents’ needs, as well as discussing with the team of staff to provide further care 
  • Promoting independence, and encouraging resident involvement in their daily activities e.g. encouraging them to fold their clothes, tidy their room, etc.
  • Organizing social and recreational activities in individual wellness plans
  • Co-ordinating medical appointments, and appointments with various mental health agencies as needed
  • Communicating with family members of residents as needed (and only with resident’s consent) 
  • Carefully following best safety practices and ensuring a safe work environment at all times e.g. Following CHO guidelines, Home Policies and Procedures, Privacy and Confidentiality, Infection Prevention and Control measures, Health and Safety measures, Fire Safety, WHMIS, Workplace Violence Prevention, and other related Regulations
  • Participate in fire drills to ensure resident safety
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