Applied Research and Innovation Internship Training, Certificates


Selkirk College
301 Frank Beinder Way, 2950 Highway Drive

Program Specifics

Work Integration Learning - Co-operative Education, Internships, Applied Research Projects

The Applied Research and Innovation Internship training program is comprised of stackable internships with Selkirk Innovates, each providing 210 hours of experiential learning focused on addressing a real-world challenge through applied research. Learners can complete their internship full-time or part-time. Each internship provides technical and professional, on the job skills training. Students also engage in bi-weekly interdisciplinary learning seminars and will complete a final project report and final presentation at the end of each internship. Learners will be guided by their own customized learning plan under the supervision of a Selkirk Innovates advisor. Learners will acquire foundational and discipline-specific professional and technical skills.