Unlocking Your Talent Acquisition Potential – Utilizing University Co-op and Industry Supported Initiatives to Help Build Your Team

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Life Sciences Ontario and University of Toronto

About the event:
COVID-19 has affected all aspects of the workplace including the process of recruiting and successfully onboarding candidates into organizations. In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of industry leaders on the top considerations when hiring a co-op student for your next position. Explore topics surrounding what programs are available for employers to help offset the cost of hiring a new position, what to expect in a virtual interview process, how are academics supporting and getting the next cohort of employees ready for the job field and much more. Registration is OPEN!

Moderator: Joanne Jordan, Manager, Business Development, Biotalent Canada


  • Dr. Jennifer Crosbie, Clinical Psychologist and Health Clinician Scientist, Department of Psychiatry, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Nora Karamanlian, Student, University of Toronto, Scarborough, Arts and Science Co-op
  • Maryam Irshad, Business Development Coordinator, University of Toronto, Scarborough Arts and Science Co-op
  • Kalpana Vigneswaran, University Recruiter, Early Career, Diversity Outreach Canada, Sanofi Canada

Sponsored by: University of Toronto Scarborough, Arts and Science Co-op